Music Auditions – Middle School

Auditions at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp are required for music ensembles. They help teachers learn about the abilities of the students and are also used to assign parts within the ensembles. Auditions do not exclude students from participating.

Auditions take place on the first day of camp in the afternoon. Students will receive information about audition locations at registration. Students who arrive on campus after auditions are over will have the opportunity to make up their auditions in the morning on the first day of classes.

Concert Band, Masterclasses, and Small Ensembles – Middle School 

Seating Audition: 
Each instrumental audition includes easy, intermediate, and advanced options. Please prepare one option based on your ability.

Click on the appropriate link below to download your audition:
Flute/OboeClarinetAlto/Bari Sax, Tenor SaxTrumpet/Baritone TCFrench HornTrombone/Bassoon/BaritoneTubaPercussion

Jazz Band and Jazz Combos – Middle School

In addition to material below, audition will consist of sight reading, improvising over F blues and playing your chromatic scale from lowest to highest note. Piano, bass, and guitar should play melody on lead sheet as well as comp or walk.

Jazz Audition

Jazz Drum Audition

Chamber Orchestra for Strings – Middle School 
Seating Audition: 
Please have prepared a piece representative of your ability.

String Masterclasses – Middle School
Audition requirements:
Please have prepared a solo piece and a 3-octave major scale of your choice (4 notes to a bow).

Rock Bands – Middle School
Please have prepared something to play or sing representative of your ability.

Choir – Middle School

No preparation necessary. The instructor will vocalize you in order to place you in sections.